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Research Essay by Lora Miki published in the Plebeian: Journal of the Classics Students’ Union. Vol. 6 (Spring, 2020). Written for the CLA369H1 Roman Empire course taught by Professor Lorenza Bennardo at the University of Toronto, St. George. 

This slideshow sample was intended to accompany a research presentation written by Lora Miki for the Assembly of the Plebs (the annual undergraduate research conference hosted by the Classics Student Union). Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic COVID-19, the event was cancelled. 

The presentation was based on an essay published in the Plebeian Journal Vol. VI on the topic of Emperor Hadrian and his "mother" Plotina from the 2nd century CE. The paper argues that Plotina's role as Hadrian's adoptive mother played a more crucial part in the success of his reign than previous arguments have suggested. Though Trajan undoubtedly shaped a large part of Hadrian's character as a strong-minded and calculated leader, capable of military and administrative reform, it is Plotina's love of culture, philosophy, religion, and empathy that ultimately moulded Hadrian's world view. 

Plebeian VI. Cover.jpg

The Plebeian: Journal of the Classics Students’ Union is an annual publication. The papers published in each volume have been presented at Undergraduate Conferences here at the University of Toronto. Print copies of Plebeian are available either in the CLASSU Student Lounge or at the Circulation Desk at E.J. Pratt Library at Victoria College.

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